The Frugal Dame Philosophy

1. Why a buy an expensive dress that you are only going to wear once or twice?  The cost of formal wear is outrageous, considering you will not wear the garment equal to what you paid for it.  It makes no sense to buy a $400 dress for a single occasion.  Renting is the smart way to go!

2. A woman changes clothing sizes an average of 3 times in her life.  As much as we would like to, it is not smart to buy & keep formal wear in 3 different sizes.  Keeping in style is another issue.  Ladies can come in my “closet”, and find something new and in their size every time.

3. Be open minded.  It may not look that great on the hanger, but the hanger isn't going to wear it, so try it on to see what it really looks like.  Just because it is not what all the other girls are wearing, doesn't mean that you won't look great in it.  My inventory is a mix of new and quality gently used dresses, because that's how I keep my costs down.

4. Guys should have a reasonable choice too.  Men are given very little options by the chain rental outlets, and are forced to pay inflated chain prices.  That's why I offer traditional and Western tuxedos, hundreds of vest/tie options, at a set cost.  I don't play pricing games with your budget.

5. I love kids, but.... It's really hard to keep little ones occupied while Mom or Sis is trying on dresses. Little boys especially get bored and try to keep themselves busy, and the dresses and furniture usually suffer for it.  Please try your best to leave the little ones that are not being fitted at home, or bring something with that will keep them busy other than pulling beads off dresses.

6. The goal is for you to look fabulous.  Since all dresses are the same price, I'm not trying to get you to buy the most expensive dress in the store.  The dress you choose should be comfortable and make you feel beautiful, and that's what I will do my best to fit you in.  I will also tell you honestly when dress is not flattering to you.